The Man Who Captured Eichmann

The Man Who Captured Eichmann

Set in 1960, the story follows the efforts of the Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, to find former SS Colonel Adolf Eichmann, who ran from Germany to Argentina and took the name Ricardo Clement. He was wanted for the murders of both Europeans and Jews during the Holocaust. Learning of Eichmann's living in Argentina, the Mossad sends a team to capture him, led by agent Peter Malkin. The standing order: bring Eichmann back alive to Israel for trial.

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Country: Argentina, United States of America

Language: Español, עִבְרִית, English

Studio: Turner Pictures (I), Butcher's Run Films, Stan Margolies Company

Runtime: 96 minutes

Quality: HD

Released: Nov 08, 1996

IMDb: 4.9