Paul McCartney: From Rio to Liverpool

Paul McCartney: From Rio to Liverpool

This MPL documentary is about Paul McCartney's World Tour '90. It focuses on all the organization which was set up for this tour and also features some live performances by Paul and his band. Some interviews are given by Paul, Hamish, Wix and other members of the crew. The documentary begins with the recalling of the concert at the Maracana Stadium in Brazil on April 21st, 1990. Two days before, a torrential rain has begun to fall, and nobody can yet ensure that the show of tonight will really happen. The rain is so strong that the crew has tremendous difficulties to put up the stage. A previous date (April 19) has already been cancelled because of the rain. But that night, at the very moment when Paul and his band come on stage, the rain stops by a miracle. The show is finally attended by 184.000 people, thus establishing a new world record for the largest concert given in the history of rock'n'roll.

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Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Studio: MPL Communications

Runtime: 50 minutes

Quality: HD

Released: Dec 17, 1990

IMDb: 10