Tak Sakaguchi

Tak Sakaguchi ( born March 15, 1975), credited prior to May 2014 as Tak Sakaguchi, is a Japanese actor, director, fight choreographer, and stuntman. He is best known for his lead role in Ryuhei Kitamura's cult film, Versus. Sakaguchi is a talented martial artist, and as such, stars in films featuring copious fight scenes and performs all of his own stunts. He is known to be skilled in Bājíquán, Shaolin Kenpo, boxing, kick boxing, and mixed martial arts. Sakaguchi is a Christian. Description above from the Wikipedia article "Tak Sakaguchi"; licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Known For: Acting

Birthday: 1975-03-15

Place of Birth: Ishikawa, Japan

Also Known As: Toshirô Takuma, 坂口拓, Tak Sakaguchi, Sakaguchi Tak, Sakaguchi Taku, Taku Sakaguchi, 匠馬敏郎, 匠馬 敏郎, Toshirō Takuma, Toshiroh Takuma, Toshirou Takuma, Toshiro Takuma, Takuma Toshiro, Takuma Toshirô, Takuma Toshirō, Takuma Toshiroh, Takuma Toshirou, 坂口 拓, さかぐち たく, Tak

Tak Sakaguchi