Toradora! - Season 1 Episode 22

Following the incident at the ski trip, Taiga is staying with her mother, and has not come back to school yet. Ryūji asks Yūsaku to pretend he was the one who saved Taiga in order to make her story true. Later, Hisamitsu and Haruta take Ryūji to a ramen shop where Minori has started another part time job. At home, Ryūji bemoans the fact he would not be able to afford further education, but Yasuko tells him he should aim to be the best. The next day, Minori catches up to Ami and tells her that she has decided to 'find the thing she cannot see'. Ryūji goes home and finds Yasuko had gone to work, as a result of yesterday's discussion. Noticing the hairpin he got for Minori, he puts it away in his box, realizing he would not be able to give it to her. He is surprised to find Taiga on his doorstep, who lied about being seriously ill in order to bond with her mother, and came over due to being locked outside her apartment. When she notices the box with Minori's hairpin in it, she reassures Ryūji that he will be with her. Taiga tells him that she had a dream about the events that occurred and the 'stupid words' she said, and he assures her that, apart from Yūsaku saving her, it was all a dream.

Genre: , ,

Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Takahiro Yamanaka, Shin'ichi Ikeda, Yuuji Matsukura, Mari Okada, Yuyuko Takemiya, Yasu

Country: JP

Studio: TV Tokyo, TV Osaka

Runtime: 24:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Oct 02, 2008

Last air date: Mar 26, 2009

Episode: 25 Episode

Season: 1 Season

IMDb: 2.5